30 years experience in the film and television industry.

Specialising in drama, Dean received his professional training in film & video, from the National Nine Television Network of Australia.

In 1990 he won admission into the Maine International Film & Television School in the USA and in 1994, Dean was awarded the right to use the letters ACS after his name. This honour was bestowed upon him by his mentors in the Australian Cinematographers Society in recognition of his work.


The films Dean has photographed have won more than 60 international awards from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Adelaide and Sydney film festivals and competitions.




Dean’s feature film credits are:

  • Transformers 4 (VFX unit DP HK, government liaison, permissions)
  • Batman – The Dark Knight (specialist permissions)
  • Tomb Raider II (Angelina Jolie) 2nd Unit DP & operator (HK)
  • Spy Game (Tony Scott – Director) 2nd unit & aerial DP (HK)
  • Rush Hour II (Jackie Chan) 2nd unit DP (HK)
  • Night Watch (Pierce Brosnan) Additional photography DP, HK/Macau
  • Double Impact (Jean Claude Van Damme) 2nd unit operator HK
  • Thunderstorm (Wong Ho Yi) 1st unit operator, 2nd unit DP
  • Good-bye Hong Kong (David Yip) 1st unit operator & 2nd unit DP
  • Bamboo in Winter. (Crystal Kwok) 2nd unit operator




Dean has won the following international awards:

  • Golden Tripod Award – Australian Cinematographers Society
  • Two Gold ACS Awards – Australian Cinematographers Society
  • Two Silver ACS Awards Australian Cinematographers Society
  • Two High Commendation Certificates – Australian Cinematographers Society
  • Silver Screen Award – US International Film and Video Awards, Chicago
  • Two Creative Excellence Certificates- US International Film and Video Awards, Chicago
  • Questar Award – Questar Film Festival, New York
  • Highly Commended Certificate – US International Film and Video Awards, Chicago
  • Distinction Award for Cinematography – Australian Cinematographers Society



Extra skills – private pilot / scuba diver

Dean’s affiliate offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu make shooting in China very efficient and effective. His network of quality contacts reaches not only around Asia, but around the world.